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Friday, April 23, 2010

(216) Fatima Al Zahra s.a Vector LOGO

Fatima Al Zahra s.a Vector LOGO

In the name of Allah ST

Salamon alykom wa rahmatollah.

Today when i looking through my note book that i paint the Line-art ( i mean the base of ) of my logo designing, i saw one of my hand writes and i said with my self let design a logo with this calligraphy so i started design and you can see the result here.

Of course i designed it in Vector Format but for this post i just uploaded a quality JPG save as of that file.

i propound it to the presence of shohada especially my martyr friend Shahid Muhammad Gudarzi r.w.a .

download and say salawat alan Nabi Muhammad sw.

Fatima Al Zahra s.a Vector LOGO

be succeed

Labbayk Ya hussain as

Allah keep us over sins inshallah.

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