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Sunday, May 30, 2010

(231) Martyrdom is freedome [ download it in tow version ]

Martyrdom is freedome

In the name of Allah ST

For today i design a wallpaper about freedom, the freedom in my idea is going away from yourself and getting close to Allah s.t and as i think there is not shorter way than martyrdom.

the power of us versus the pagans is this that we don't scare of death because the death in the way of Allah s.t is our honor, what is better than that in this world, you heard that several time but its god to hear it another more time hat when Hazrate Ali Akbar the bigger son of Imam Hussein in the night before war when all friends of Imam Hussein party came together in his marquee and when he asked him, O my son, how is the martyrdom in your taste?!

he said O,sir its sweeter than honey

So Our leader is Imam Hussein pbuh and his friends and inshallah we have same taste about the martyrdom.

I uploaded this wallpaper in two versions, dark and bright so u can download each one is match with your taste.

Best regards
Labbaik Ya Hussein a.s

wassalamo alykom wa rahmatollah

Dove stock picter

Dove stock picter

Allah keep us far from sins inshallah.

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