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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

(234) Reconstruction an Old pic of Imam Khomeini rw

Imam khomeini poster

In the name of Allah ST

In this post i reconstructed an old, low quality pic of Imam Khomeini rw an made a quality poster of it. In this post u can see some brief history
of design and sample of before-after and download the quality poster in original size that is suitable for printing as banner and poster.

lets start by showing u the origianl pic that i used as base pic for design, that was a 344×438 px picture that I increased its size 10 times
larger and you see the quality is not changed a lot.

the original base pic

Original pic

so there is some specification in this poster

1) I used the pic that it originally had taken in black-white so the specificity of this poster is that no one saw this pic in color version earlier.

2) As u see in original pic some part of Imam Khomeini's turban is not in pic frame but they r reconstructed in the poster using Stamp tool in Photoshop CS5.

3) Painting black-white base pic to clor version with most normal & natural colors.

So, lets take a look of the before -after samples:

see the pic after resizing lose some quality and u can seethe squares of pixels on that

Original pic after resizing

now take a look on this sample from final result

Final result

another sample before Reconstruction and fixing

Original pic after resizing

after fixing quality prob and painting

Final result

So, inshallah these efforts in this year which called by Imam Khamenei hafazahullah wali amre Muslemin as "Multiple effort and multiple working" by Allah s.t and he reward us by proximity to
prophet Muhammad s.w and Ahlebeyt a.s in this world and in hereafter Inshallah.

Best regards
Labbaik Ya Hussein a.s

wassalamo alykom wa rahmatollah

Imam khomeini postersrc="" />

Allah keep us far from sins inshallah.

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