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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ka'aba - Mecca | کعبه - مکة مکرمة

Ka'aba - Mecca | کعبه - مکه مکرمه

In the name of Allah ST

We become close to Ramadan karim, now a day this month, Rajab is the best time for repenters and for ones who want Allah's s.t forgiveness, ones who want vicinity and closeness to Allah s.t and earning his glory and satisfaction.

this is the time for challenge with yourself, time for devote yourself for his sake because the Ramadan is the divine banquet month and this is common if a person invited for a party he make himself up and wear his best and most beautiful cloths and the best make up and cloths for divine banquet is faith and piety, virtue and sanctity, godliness and devout. so Rajab and Shaban is the time for getting ready for divine banquet.

inshallah Ahhal s.t give us this power and will to be a good guest for that party and help us to change ourself and turn our soul to the side of his shine.

So, for this post i designed a amazing wallpaper in high resolution more than full HD quality for believers and god lovers with using a very nice a new shot angle that help you go a trip by your soul and fly it to holy Mecca in a moment.

See it download and enjoy it with saying Salawat Alaln Nabi Muhammad sw and gift it to the photographer of that pic.

َny way at end let me mention i used a very nice calligraphy in thulth Arabic font of a verse of holy Quran that say :" الا بذکر الله تطمئن القلوب" , remembrance of Allah s.t will makes your heart stronger and peaceful.

Best regards
Labbaik Ya Hussein a.s

wassalamo alykom wa rahmatollah

Ka'aba - Mecca | کعبه - مکة مکرمة

Allah keep us far from sins inshallah.

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