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Monday, May 30, 2011

pictures of anne hathaway in love and

pictures of anne hathaway in love and. Anne Hathaway Actress Anne
  • Anne Hathaway Actress Anne

  • ucfgrad93
    Mar 17, 01:12 AM
    We all find creative ways to justify our actions.

    Agreed. As long as I get what I want how it happens doesn't matter.:rolleyes:

    pictures of anne hathaway in love and. Anne Hathaway looks like a
  • Anne Hathaway looks like a

  • ezekielrage_99
    Jan 9, 12:08 AM
    - Thin laptop
    - Macbook Pro Update
    - Macbook in silver and black
    - A PDA (I know we have the iPhone and iPod Touch...)
    - AppleTV bump and iTunes rentals
    - iTunes 7.6

    pictures of anne hathaway in love and. 3 of 19. Jake Gyllenhaal
  • 3 of 19. Jake Gyllenhaal

  • Chundles
    Sep 12, 08:49 AM
    Those are easier for me because I grew up with them. I can't even say the name of my street right in this country. :P Terowi, like what's that?

    Anyways I degrees, this update better be for all stores since they are all down otherwise it'll be the first of a few disappointments of the evening.

    Yes there will be disappointments we always shoot to high and feel cheated.

    TE- ROW(as in fight)-EE

    Can't wait for all the disappointment to settle in. The Merom-waiters are going to go beserk.

    pictures of anne hathaway in love and. Anne @ #39;Love and Other Drugs#39;
  • Anne @ #39;Love and Other Drugs#39;

  • kamm
    Apr 12, 08:30 PM
    That was painful to watch. Sort of like Jack Ass: The Geek Edition. Of course they should be banned. Gizmodo was interfering with companies trying to present their products.

    ...which is absolutely fine. In fact it is a form of standing up for corporations, YES.
    Pathetic attempt? Probably, yes, I think so too and also silly but it's still way less disgusting than these ridiculous brainwashed comments here, this incredible hypocrisy people showcase here when it comes to corporations or Apple or anything.
    For God's sake the person who was in charge for the presentation should be fired on the spot. Yes, it's that person, his incompetence that allowed this prank.

    Man, I never visited Gizmodo regularly but thanks for showing me this piece - I will put them into my Google start page. Not because it's funny - it isn't, it's kinda pathetic - but because apparently they have the guts to do things.
    Thanks for the info, again.


    pictures of anne hathaway in love and. Oct 22 : Anne Hathaway and
  • Oct 22 : Anne Hathaway and

  • rdowns
    Apr 23, 01:15 PM
    The rating system looks ugly and out of place and just adds clutter to the forums.

    Much like the logo in your avatar. :p

    pictures of anne hathaway in love and. Anne Hathaway At #39;Love and
  • Anne Hathaway At #39;Love and

  • alent1234
    Apr 8, 12:43 PM
    ok, now i can go back to best buy. they aren't evil anymore and the sales people are the most knowledgeable i've seen


    pictures of anne hathaway in love and. Anne Hathaway wore this simple
  • Anne Hathaway wore this simple

  • mixel
    Jan 10, 06:30 AM
    I'd like them to start putting BD in the MacPros and iMacs as standard. (BTO for mini) .. If Sony can do it (admittedly at a loss) I wish :apple: would too.

    Even less likely. Tablet Mac with multitouch *and* stylus support, when I say stylus I really mean Wacom-style touch-sensitive pen, as Apple could cater to artists really nicely that way. :)

    pictures of anne hathaway in love and. Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway
  • Gyllenhaal, Anne Hathaway

  • Xyl
    Jan 12, 07:46 PM
    If not the business market, then who? It can't be kids, as it has no games, and allegedly no support for custom ringtones. It can't be business users, since they'll want Outlook or Lotus Notes sync, and possibly a navigator, and they'll most definitely not want to use frickin' iTunes to sync up. Which leaves, I dunno... Mac enthusiasts and 30-somethings who are hoping for 15 minutes of fame by the watercooler? He did say his goal was 10 million units.

    Just because it was labeled as a "smart phone" it doesn't necessarily imply "business users". According to the charts given by Apple, 1 billion handsets are sold annually. I'm assuming that this 1 billion includes all phones, and not only smart phones...someone correct me if I'm wrong. Anyways, if I'm correct about this, getting 1% of the total phone market from just business users or the current smart phone market would be very difficult, and would be a very, very optimistic estimate. So one might assume that Apple is not only targeting the iPhone to current smart phone users, but to all users, INCLUDING the consumer market.

    Personally, I find the iPhone to be quite appealing, and I'm not a business user (I would belong to the consumer market). And just for the record, I don't pray to Steve Jobs and I'm definitely not a "buy everything Apple" person...I own zero Apple products. Moreover, I'm not a crazed phone geek either, previous to seeing this phone, I strongly believe that paying over 100 dollars for a phone is absurd, yet I am still appealed to this 500-600 dollar phone. I'm sure there's others out there that have never spent over 100 on a phone and don't pray to Steve Jobs either, but still find this phone appealing.


    pictures of anne hathaway in love and. Love and Other Drugs NY
  • Love and Other Drugs NY

  • FleurDuMal
    Oct 3, 01:21 PM
    A confirmation is always nice. :)

    How on earth is this being voted as Negative? Also what's up with the last option in the poll? That depresses me! :(

    I guess there are some pillocks out there who are voting negative on every news item simply because none of them say "MEROM MBPS OUT TOMORROW" :rolleyes:

    pictures of anne hathaway in love and. Anne Hathaway
  • Anne Hathaway

  • G4DP
    Jan 15, 03:40 PM
    �200 for a 500GB External drive - haha, good one Steve!


    pictures of anne hathaway in love and. Anne Hathaway In Love And
  • Anne Hathaway In Love And

  • bpaluzzi
    May 4, 10:22 AM
    The first link seems to be saying 4% of doctors read their email on an ipad. Do you think that really matches up with what the advertisement says, is that ground breaking?

    Are you talking about this link?

    If so, I'm not sure how you came up with your statement. It's not even a misreading / misunderstanding. Your statement is just plain wrong.

    pictures of anne hathaway in love and. rico, Anne
  • rico, Anne

  • frozzbite
    Mar 17, 12:17 PM
    With my flame suit on, i say this...

    I might have done the same thing as the OP.

    Regarding the kid, well, its probably a part time job for him. Furthermore, how much can BestBuy possibly be paying him? He could probably earn more if he worked else where. :)


    pictures of anne hathaway in love and. Anne Hathaway #39;won#39;t play love
  • Anne Hathaway #39;won#39;t play love

  • Lancetx
    Jul 21, 10:19 AM
    Apple is doing what they need to do to defend themselves against the smear job put out by the haters in the media and tech sites aligned against them.

    Exactly. Nokia should have kept their mouths shut instead of calling out Apple last week. Now Apple is simply responding back to them in kind. Nokia said they didn't have the issue with any of their phones, but obviously that is not true.

    As for those here that still complaining about the iPhone 4, you can always return your iPhone for a full refund as Apple has stated on several occasions...

    pictures of anne hathaway in love and. Anne Hathaway in #39;Love and
  • Anne Hathaway in #39;Love and

  • Eidorian
    Oct 2, 02:55 PM

    1. It's GigaOM.
    2. I suggest that more people read GigaOM. Om Malik is great.


    pictures of anne hathaway in love and. Anne Hathaway Actress Anne
  • Anne Hathaway Actress Anne

  • dsnort
    Aug 1, 10:50 AM
    You want to see something really funny!. Look what happpens when you try to Access Sony's online music service on a Mac

    "We appreciate your interest in the Connect music store, but our store currently only works with Internet Explorer 5.5 and above. You don't seem to be using that particular browser at the moment, so, unfortunately, we'll have to part ways until we support the browser you're currently using or you upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer. Please click the Download link below if you'd like to upgrade now.
    Thank your for your interest in the Connect music store!"

    Upgrade to IE????? Bwhahahahahahahahahahaha. Those silly wabbits

    pictures of anne hathaway in love and. Anne Hathaway Had Gotten
  • Anne Hathaway Had Gotten

  • Chris204
    Jan 10, 03:38 PM
    I bet they won't be getting press passes again next year to CES.


    pictures of anne hathaway in love and. Anne Hathaway attends
  • Anne Hathaway attends

  • DStaal
    Oct 4, 08:58 AM
    ...I'd like The Steve to walk on stage and announce that they absolutely will not release certain products, so the ones that keep coming up as rumours over and over again that stand no chance of ever seeing the light of day (Apple phone, I'm looking at you) stop getting taken seriously, and the rumour sites that have promoted the idea finally get egg on their faces.

    You do realize that would only vindicate the rumor, and people would say he's only saying that because he doesn't want anyone leaking the info on the product Apple's developing...

    Steve standing up there, bringing in the head of every development department, and having each one describe precisely what they are working on still would not stop the rumors of 'secret' projects. :rolleyes:

    pictures of anne hathaway in love and. Jake Gyllenhaal Anne Hathaway
  • Jake Gyllenhaal Anne Hathaway

  • SockRolid
    Apr 29, 06:57 PM
    I booted into snow leopard on another partition after using Lion for a while and I had trouble not scrolling inversely. I've gotten quite used to it.

    Agree that Lion scrolling makes more sense now that iOS is so popular. But the odd "slider" tab controller really didn't make sense to me. It was animation for animation's sake.

    pictures of anne hathaway in love and. anne hathaway love and other
  • anne hathaway love and other

  • asxtb
    Sep 12, 07:34 AM
    You'd have thought Apple could upload the new stuff to different servers then just switch them at the right time, are they trying to hype this up further!:p
    Yeah. Steve, using is Powerbook G5, is here reading all these messages having a good laugh at all of our excitement.

    Oct 23, 12:26 PM
    New investments in technologies and products would be by far the best use of the money. With Apple's cash, they could set up a research arm similar to Xerox PARC or the old Bell Labs and place themselves in the forefront of new technology for a long time. Instead, they seem to be notably stingy with their R&D dollars. Purchasing technologies by buying out smaller companies could also be advantageous, and Apple does do some of this, but not much -- not enough to make even a dent in their cash hoard.

    I'm not so sure that Apple needs to re-invent the wheel all the time. It seems to me that Apple is (historically) pretty good at introducing new features, long before other PC manufacturers.

    While I agree that a dedicated research arm could, in the long term, create a lot of great, innovative products and technologies, I think they have the possibility, if not properly run, to become cash cows that produce little or nothing of any profit-making value. Researchers have a way of remaining focused on research, not profits.

    I still think that buying up other small, but influential companies such as Digidesign would be a great thing for Apple. Think of all the products that Apple currently sells that were bought, rather than developed in-house:

    Final Cut Pro
    Logic (and, by extension, Garageband)

    Heck, even MacOS X was, in many ways, 'bought' rather than developed by Apple.

    Apr 17, 06:08 AM
    That's a pretty sick OS. I haven't ever run Fedora on a computer of mine, but my uncle swears by it. That video has convinced me to run it on my next box.

    I like fedora over ubuntu. I haven't run fedora for a while, I think I'll take second look when the new version comes out.

    Sep 12, 09:03 AM
    How you gonna burn it to DVD if it's Hi-Def?

    Perhaps they'll include HD-DVD burners in the new MBP's. :) Hey, I can dream can't I? :D

    I can't? Darn.

    May 3, 10:07 PM
    I think there's something magical and revolutionary about getting kidnapped by aliens and overpowered by machines. You just don't see that stuff happening too often in life, and we need to enjoy it when it happens.
    Agreed. I really am upset that they leave out my favourite part though: rectal probing. Android commercials need more rectal probing.

    Apr 12, 01:13 PM you guys have a little obsession with cupcakes, or an obsession with little cupcakes?

    I just want to be clear, that's all. ;)

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