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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

free princess crown clipart

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  • Grade
    Dec 13, 05:58 AM
    Here you go!

    Actually get other size at below original site:

    Thank you.

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  • Apple Corps
    Mar 23, 04:19 PM
    And if you pursue environments and things you love you probably have a better chance of being "massively successful".

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  • TUD
    Apr 13, 09:39 AM
    thanks for continuing to screw us 3gs owners over apple...

    My phone is on its last leg, dropping calls all of the time, have to charge it 3 times a day. If i had known this, i would have already bought a 4...


    The screen may not change on the next revision. So there may be no need to change production.

    That's what I am thinking.

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  • berkut
    Nov 13, 07:02 AM
    And who used Shake that its loss makes an impact? Apple could cut Motion and I don't think many would care.

    Shake was used for a lot of feature films by a lot of the big studios.

    Nuke's now pretty much cleaned up in that space, as pretty much all the big studios (ILM, Weta, Sony, DD, Animal Logic, Cinesite, Image Engine, DNeg, Framestore, MPC, The Mill) have moved over to Nuke.

    The problem with "really" pro apps like Nuke/Shake (and to a smaller extent FCP) is that they are used in part of a pipeline. The customer knows what they want, and they want flexibility, customisability, programmability, and they want software to work the way they do.

    Apple doesn't really work like that - with the Pro apps they're slightly different, but in general their attitude is "this is what you need, do it this way. It'll be released soon and it will be awesome."


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  • reubs
    Dec 8, 10:55 AM
    How it turned out: (

    Uploaded with (

    One more question; how did you get the calendar on the wallpaper? PS? Thanks again :)

    The calendar is an app called Dateline. It was pretty cheap when I got it, and it's somewhat helpful. I wish I had something that held a little more info, but it's good for a quick glance.

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  • chanerz
    Jul 31, 05:13 AM
    ur addy is showing!!!


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  • twoodcc
    Oct 1, 06:48 PM
    Looks good, but I want more for my money...

    me 2!

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  • jtap
    Feb 21, 02:31 AM
    Link to original please??? :D

    Not sure where I found the original but here is the wallpaper:

    Cropped it myself. ;)


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  • eastercat
    May 5, 02:50 AM
    This issue pops up for me too. Are you JB too?

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  • Crown CLipart, Princesses

  • twoodcc
    Oct 31, 09:18 AM
    well it looks like i'll have to go check these out when i get a chance


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  • electronique
    Apr 2, 09:12 PM

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  • bjett92
    Aug 1, 07:10 PM
    My photo with some writing i put over the top in photoshop. 5 gold stars to who can see what is being said, and who said it ;)

    Kurt Cobain's suicide note?!


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  • Shifty
    Jan 13, 07:23 AM
    This is the third site in production, following the release of GarageBand. How many more will there be, I wonder. :p

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  • bizzle
    Apr 3, 10:09 PM


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  • levitynyc
    Apr 7, 12:16 PM
    Some are fun. Did you grow up on these? I think those of us who did, still get a kick out of the simplicity of them. I know there's a couple I would love to have for some casual play.

    I started playing games in 1984 during the Crash. I grew up more on nintendo, but we had an atari in the house. I've gone back and played hundreds of Atari games over the years for a web site and I stand by my position that most of them are crap.

    Some games like Adventure, Tempest, Ms. Pacman hold up pretty well, but they are the exception.

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  • Jimmieboy
    Dec 5, 06:29 PM
    Hey everyone. I was wondering if you could tell me how to pack my iMac G5 so I can take it to someone elses house. I still have the the box it came in. Will it be ok in that box if I cover it with material? Thanks for your replies in advance.


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  • rwilliams
    Dec 7, 04:08 PM
    Outstanding. Thank you very much!

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  • Santabean2000
    Apr 28, 01:05 AM
    *crosses fingers for other surprise*
    (Thunderbolt ACD..?)

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  • TopToffee
    Oct 10, 08:01 AM
    I'd rather pay and get upgrades than have the developer abandon the app because it isn't profitable to do anymore free updates. What should Loren do when everyone that will buy Tweetie already has it? Develop updates out of the goodness of his heart?

    The app store has a problem, and that's the amount of crap and cheapness of that crap. It drives the price of everything down. Factor in that ALL upgrades are free and you have a major problem for devs. You can sell an app once to each user, at next to nothing cost, and that's all you get. Yes, initially it's good when you're selling 100K apps a week but what happens when everyone's bought your app? The app store has a sustainability problem, and it will soon rear it's ugly head.

    Compare it to desktop software where even the most basic apps cost $10+ and all upgrades are paid.

    I'm quite happy to pay Loren �1.79 every 8-12 months for his work on Tweetie because frankly it's amazing and �1.79 is pretty much nothing.

    The problem with most whambulance drivers such as yourself is pretty much the same problem with society at large. You only care about yourself and what you can get for yourself regardless if it's at the expense of others. You have no social responsibility. People's inability to look past their own nose and care about others is really quite pathetic. You don't care if Loren gets paid for his work, or for a sustainable app store. Rather you simply care for how cheaply you can get apps and updates. The self-centredness, the "me me me"-ness of society has become quite a problem IMO.

    Hear f'n hear

    Apr 28, 08:20 AM
    HAving moved from an iPhone 3G to an HTC Desire then recently to an iPhone 4, I have to say iOS is just a slicker, faster (in operation), more straightforward phone operating system. Android doesn't suck but it's a slapped together fiddle-fest by comparison.

    However, people now see a 10 month old iPhone VS. ungainly 4.3 inch, dual-core, Android superphones and, as we know in the tech world, big numbers usually mean bigger sales.

    Apple doesn't need to worry about Android getting big (it's going to dwarf the rest as you can get a low-end Android phone on a �15 contract these days) but does need to stay in touch with the top-tier Android phones else it can not longer bask in a 'Mercedes of phones' status.

    This means faster updates (ideally a 4inch '4s' should have been out by now) and, radically, sqeezing GSM functionality into the iPod Touch making it a 'phone if you want it to be' and thus tackling the Android low-end while still being a premium product.

    Also, iPhone didn't need CDMA. America needs less sucky GSM networks.

    Apr 30, 08:03 PM
    "Castle"? Can't come up with a lamer name than that. :rolleyes:

    Dec 25, 10:21 PM
    I got some money from my parents.

    In addition to money (about $50), I got a new wallet, some new games for my iPhone and a generic brand racing wheel for my PS3 to use with the GT5 game I bought last month.

    Apr 23, 08:30 AM
    It's only valid in the US and Canada.

    d. This Plan is offered and valid only in the United States of America and Canada. This Plan is not offered to persons who have not reached the age of majority. This Plan may not be available in all states or provinces, and is not available where prohibited by law.

    From (PDF): section 7d

    Oct 9, 03:59 PM
    Nice UI, super smooth scrolling, LOVE the pull down refresh feature - toss up between my SimplyTweet and Tweetie 2 now for daily use, will report back in a week ;)

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